Catalog Marketing System

Ocat is an Online Catalog Marketing system that helps to publish your business details as Online advertisements in Online Catalog. This helps to perform a Cost-effective Online Catalog marketing service.

It is important to publish fresh content regularly on your catalogue to attract Search engines and human visitors.

Ocat System provides a simple interface to publish new content using mobile devices. So that layman can create new content / Advertisements with normal effort.


An Online catalog is a type of marketing collateral that lists essential product/service details that help buyers make a purchase decision. These details include product features, descriptions, dimensions, price, weight, availability, color, customer reviews, and more.


Online Catalog Development and Distribution will be carried out through the Ocat Catalog Marketing System. Online Catalog will be distributed through Internal & external Content Marketing Pages, Social media, Search engines and Referral Networks


a). Cost-effective Content Marketing through Online Catalog

b). You can implement the online marketing of your business yourself!

c). Most small businesses can benefit from the Ocat Online catalog with a content marketing strategy

d) Cost savings (cheaper to maintain than paper)

e) Faster launch times

f) No limits on space or materials for the catalog

g) Customer Behavior Analysis

h) Distribution across multiple sales channels and social networks

i) Potential for wider audiences and new markets

j) Interactivity with the user

k) More agile and effective customer service

l) Instant catalog fixes

m) Marketing that’s more omnichannel and flexible

n) Content for social media marketing

o) Search engine optimization

p) Special Domain will be registered for Online catalog

q) Live Report- Number of user per catalog pages, Targeted Content marketing pages, Referral networks / Business Circles

r) Online catalog distribution through search engines, Content Marketing Platform, Social media & Referral network

s). Cloud-based Ocat online catalog management system

We offer an Online catalog Marketing Platform in India, United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland & Arab Emirates

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Catalog Marketing System

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